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A Guide To Choosing Which Class To Play In Blade & Soul

el Miér Jun 20, 2018 11:14 pm
A regular Blade & Soul player will have no doubt saying that there is no proper healer, tank or damage dealer classes in the game. Blade & Soul allows every single class to take on these roles. The Destroyer class, which has ample amount of armor and AoE, falls short in the DPS aspect while the blade master, who is capable of high DPS, haslow armor. blade and soul gold is the case of the summoner class who can heal parties and grant some defense. But all classes can heal themselves using consumables and life leech gems, though some classes can heal themselves better than others in most battles, and players often need to sustain and refill their own health pools. The bottom line is anyone can take on any role in this MMORPG. The Blade & Soul trinities are less defined, so is this a good thing, or a problem?

Blade Masters are a pain to deal with for melee classes used to punishing enemies with high burst. Their parry, evasion, and counters reward quick reflexes with battle-altering moments.

Destroyer's have a unique toolkit that allows them to head into battle, control the positioning of opponents, and then stay alive as long as possible through passive defense. Their comrades value them for their unequaled melee-range utility.

The Force Master redirects attention away from his or herself and controls enemies in a way that significantly dampens their potency. When positioned well and kept form harm's way they give their comrades a desirable advantage.

The Kung-Fu Master excels at overpowering opponents through sheer quickness using counters. Known as being the most difficult class to play well in the game, seeing a skilled Kung-Fu Master in person is a sight to behold.

The Summoner relies upon a pet "familiar" and several ranged attacks to fell opponents. They're cute, but don't let that fool you. They're ready to pounce in violent fashion.

Blade & Soul moves away from the trinity system and gives all the classes much more independence to play whichever way they please, and assume whatever roles way they want. All classes are capable of healing themselves with their health blade and soul cheapest gold.
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