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Useful PoE Guide Of Herald Of Ash Skill Functions

el Miér Feb 28, 2018 11:16 pm
In Path of Exile, do you know what is the Herald of Ash? Collectors of path of exile orbs may know, Herald of Ash is a self-cast buff that reserves mana to increase damage output. The following content are the skill functions and interactions of Herald of Ash.

1. Extra Fire Damage: This modifier adds fire damage to all non-damage-over-time sources, including those from spells, attacks, and traps. The amount added is equal to 15% of the damage source's physical damage.

2. Burn on kill: While Herald of Ash is active, when an enemy is killed by an attack (but not a spell), enemies within a radius from the killed enemy are burned based on the overkill damage. Overkill damage refers to total excess damage of the killing hit, including non-fire damage. The burning damage is affected by increased Burning Damage and increased Damage Over Time. This damage cannot be reflected.

3. Fire Damage: The increased Fire Damage from quality applies globally to all fire damage, including the extra fire damage effect of Herald of Ash.

4. Support gems: Any support gems (with the exception of Enhance Support) linked to the Herald of Ash will only affect the burn damage caused by overkill damage, not the extra fire damage from physical. For example, linking Item Rarity Support to Herald of Ash will only apply rarity bonus to the enemies who die from the burn damage caused by Herald of Ash ignition.

5. Area of Effect: Area of Effect modifiers from passives, items and gems affect the radius of the on-kill effect.

6. Culling Strike: When using an attack with culling strike, the overkill effect will only apply if the damage from the killing hit would have taken the monster to less than 0 life.

7. Brutality Support: When linked to a skill affected by Herald of Ash, the extra fire damage will not apply, but the secondary overkill effect will.

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you. If you do not want to lag behind others due to lack of orbs, you can buy poe items on U4GM.
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