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Here's The Guide For Increasing Your DPS When You Build PoE Duelist

el Lun Mar 26, 2018 10:29 pm
In Path of Exile, to increase your DPS, the first and most obvious step is the regular routine that every player using any build does - apply 20% quality to all your armour, weapons, skill gems and flasks.

Switch over to them on a skill-gem by skill-gem basis once each of the 20% quality gem's hit's level 18, then sell the L19-20 version of the skill gem you just pulled out (the one with a high level but no quality on it) for 2-4 chaos each. Keeping an eye on poe trade currency if you need currency.

It's a nice little money earner and improves your character! Adding 20% quality to your sunder setup alone will give you 20% AoE, 10% attack damage and 10% Phys Damage. You get similar boosts across the board for applying 20% to your other skill gem groupings in your armour, too.

The next step for boosting your DPS is to enchant your boots, helm and gloves in the Uber-Lab. Boots and Gloves almost always give either a nice little DPS boosting enchant, or a damage mitigation enchant. It will only take a few attempts at enchanting either to get two nice damage boosting enchants.

Personally I like the three "Of Fury on Hit" glove enchantments. They send out a bunch of projectiles in a 180 degree semi-circle in front of your character at the same time. It kills white trash mobs all the way up to T9 maps pretty much by itself and has the added bonus of smashing all loot crates and barrels up to a few screens away. It's like having an extra map clearing attack skill for free and is great at keeping your charges and boosts triggered.

Next up you can 6-link your Wings of Entropy Axe. You then swap out the Totem setup in the axe for the sunder setup in the helm. Putting Sunder, Conc Effect, Ruthless, Multistrike, Melee Phys Damage and Maim will increase the build's total un-buffed base DPS by a bit more than 25%.

This process will also give your Ancestral Warchief a base DPS boost of about 10-15% too, due to the free extra 3 skill links it get's by being in the helm now. A 6-link WoE axe will set you back about 2-5 Exalt's though, so that's not the cheapest of options. In my opinion, given the context of this build and what it's designed for, unless a 6-link by some miracle drops, it's not worth spending the currency on.

Next up would be min-maxing your Jewels used in the skill tree. The final option for boosting DPS is to re-do your gear a bit with minor stat improvements. One option is to balance your resistances along with two rings that have base stat rolls of Strength, Life and +% Phys Damage to Attacks.

Another option is to purchase an upgrade to your current amulet with one that has a maximum roll of "% Increased Damage While Leeching", as well as the same in regards to the WoE Axe and Atziri's Flask. There's a lot more players guide on, so be sure to check out if you need some guides.
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