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Blade & Soul Has Been Pretty Darn Successful Overseas

el Miér Jun 20, 2018 11:12 pm
NCSoft and Team Bloodlust’s Blade & Soul has been pretty darn successful overseas, and it has its moments of being a pretty darn good game. But some aspects of it are so incredibly punishing even I have to take a step or seven back and blade and soul gold buy cheap myself of why I’m putting up with such torment. And that is not a good sign, because I really love punishing games. In fact, the more likely a game is to cause me repeated death, the more likely I am to view it favorably. Which explains why I love Let it Die so much and why I’ve been dragging my FFXIV free company through all the Savage content I can get them into.

So while Blade & Soul is improving and has a lot to offer, it isn’t quite where it should be just yet. There’s a good game in here somewhere. And one day I believe we’ll find it.

Blade and soul gold buy is the latest big-budget MMORPG to hit the Western market. It's quickly propelled itself into spotlight due to its favorable action combat system and delightful presentation. But many have found difficulty in choosing a class to play due to its unorthodox class design.

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