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Tips On Choosing Your PoE Gear To Level Up

el Jue Feb 08, 2018 12:35 am
In Path of Exile, some players may don't know what gear they need while leveling up. In fact, gearing for SRS is very simple. All you need to look out for is poe items with as many linked sockets as possible, preferably Intelligence-based equipment. This kind of gear will greatly help your Summon Raging Spirit gem.

At level 66, you can use the trading website to acquire the key unique item: Lioneye's Glare. It is usually very cheap, about 1 chaos or even less. Other good items to help you meet your Dexterity requirement: Careful Planning (socketed in the jewel socket near Mind over Matter, Leer Cast, Hyrri's Bite.

All of those items are very cheap and provide a decent amount of dexterity for your build. This helps you meet requirements to equip Lioneye's Glare.

Once you reach 1000 energy shield you can pick up Eldritch battery and zealots oath keystones as described above in the level 66 skilltree. This would allow you to use two damage auras instead of one. Potential sources of energy shield include the cheap unique items "restless ward" and "crown of thorns."

Do not start using Eldritch Battery and Zealot's Oath if you have less than 1000 Energy Shield. You will always be short on mana. Instead, keep using Mind over Matter with mana nodes until you can acquire that amount of Energy Shield. You may need to use only one damage aura in the meantime.

While leveling up, there are a few points you need to take note:

1) You don't need to full clear zones, focus on finding big groups and blue mobs.

2) Learn or have a build minimized for quick reference. You don't need to instantly allocate a skill point for 10 dex. Get a keystone or a couple lined up.

3) Watch a streamer and notice how they navigate their inventory. It's quick, precise and above all else, fast.

4) Reduce dead time, don't stand in town, ect.

5) Pathing helps you get around faster, aim to not backtrack whenever possible. Don't go back to town a after you do something. Complete most of the quests in one go.

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you. If you do not want to lag behind others due to lack of orbs, you can buy poe chaos orbs on U4GM.
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