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Blade & Soul Has Been Pretty Darn Successful Overseas

el Miér Jun 20, 2018 11:05 pm
NCSoft and Team Bloodlust’s Blade & Soul has been pretty darn successful overseas, and it has its moments of being a pretty darn good game. But some aspects of it are so cheap bns gold punishing even I have to take a step or seven back and remind myself of why I’m putting up with such torment. And that is not a good sign, because I really love punishing games. In fact, the more likely a game is to cause me repeated death, the more likely I am to view it favorably. Which explains why I love Let it Die so much and why I’ve been dragging my FFXIV free company through all the Savage content I can get them into.

The trinity system has played a prominent role in MMOs for a long time. The developers used to emphasize the trinity system because it made designing the group content (which is the actual fun part of MMOs for which the hardcore gamers live) easier. The proper healer, tank, and DPS (Damage Per Second, the main damage dealers) system supposedly provided a balance for the parties to effectively tackle group content. But because of the explicit difference between the classes, the leveling up process becomes a bit complicated. While damage dealers (DPS) find it easy to level up and progress quickly, healers and tanks who have low DPS take more time to level up and reach the end game. It is often seen that there are a lot of DPS classes in the end game, but less of the healers or tanks.

I suppose my biggest problem with Blade & Soul is that the difficulty is so heavily skewed toward a few classes. I can make my way around on many of the classes just fine. Soul Fighter is one of the easier classes for me to play around with, mainly because you don’t get horribly punished when you screw up your damage skill rotation.

And then there’s destroyers, who interrupt buy cheap bns gold mechanics using specific rotations of right and left mouse clicks at a specific tempo. Everything about the class speaks to me, but I just cannot get it. I can’t get myself to mouseclick properly.
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