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Do You Know Path Of Exile Passive Skill Tree

el Mar Mar 13, 2018 12:16 am
In Path of Exile, one thing that sets apart from most ARPGs is its enormous skill tree. Consisting of more than 1000 nodes, it looks extremely complex if players are looking at it the first time, but don't worry - building your character using skill tree is not as hard as it looks.

It is no doubt that all classes share this tree but each character class starts from the different area of it. Upon leveling up, you receive 1 passive skill point that you can allocate within the skill tree.

There are several kinds of skill points within the tree - Regular passive skill points, Notable Passive skill points, and Keystone skill points. Notable passive skills differ from regular ones by being larger and having stronger effects, Keystone skill points, however, have a bigger impact - they change the way your character is played.

Usually, Keystone skill points have positive effect + drawback, for example, Point Bland keystone skill point makes your close range attacks deal much more damage and reduce damage for farther traveling projectiles. Another example would be Resolute Technique keystone - your hits never miss but you cannot critically strike.

There are also skill points that look like sockets - when you allocate those, you unlock jewel slots. There are lots of different unique jewels you can use in your skill tree, some of which are mandatory for a few builds like Vaal Spark or Golemancer. Most of the time it's worth unlocking jewel slots because you can buy/find great rare jewels that boost your damage or survival capabilities. Below you can see how jewel slot looks.

If you have allocated a skill point earlier and want to refund it, there is a currency for that - Orb of Regret. Another way to reallocate skill points is to obtain respec points from quests (let me note that there is a finite amount of quests that can give you that).
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