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Path Of Exile Guide On Rare Bow

el Lun Abr 02, 2018 12:35 am
In Path of Exile, maybe there are something you've never been able to understand. For example your current build uses windripper and you looked up some rare bows to buy and I put them into pob before buying and a rare bow that had over 100 more ele dps and 200 more total dps than windripper only gave you a 5% damage increase.

What should you are looking for in a rare bow specifically an ele bow? One of the big factors you might not be realizing is the base critical strike chance on that bow is the highest in the game (Going up to 9%). So when you see a a bow that has 300-350 average damage, it might have 6 or 7% base critical strike chance, and that heavily influences your critical strike damage.

Being able to crit more with lower elemental damage rolls makes you deal more damage than having higher damage with much lower critical strike chance.

Edps is not everything. windripper has the combination of stats that make ele weapons rly strong: high crit and high attack speed only missing multi but you get alot of that from the tree and jewels in bow builds. with a lot of sources of flat ele dmg and with the introduction of abyss jewels the dmg rolls on the weapon itself are not that important anymore.

Depends on use case. WR has super high base crit so the crit multi gives you lots of DPS. Also most people are using windripper for the MF. Doomfletch is probably he best bow in the game if you're rich and can gear for it - elemental conversion is strong. The only way you get better from a damage standpoint is a mirror tier all physical harbinger bow, which you'll also use signal fire do ele conversion on anyways.

What I don't know about are the new elder bows where you can do HoWA style dex stacking to ramp up damage - assuming a god tier one of those offers the highest damage in the game. If you want MF windripper is best in slot. Overall damage Doomfletch or mirror tier harbinger. If you super duper rich rare elder bow.

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you.
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