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Can GGG Adding Div Cards To Obtain The Uniques In PoE Bestiary

el Miér Mayo 09, 2018 1:18 am
In Path of Exile, I'm glad the league and mechanic are going to be removed and not likely to be in zana mods . But im sad because the league uniques were pretty strong and interesting. I hope they add div cards to obtain the uniques and maybe some way to craft the aspects too.

Five rooms for the four families of beasts plus the beastcrafting arena. Einhar meets you at the start of the map and gives you nets. Each abandoned menagerie room contains the corresponding portal beast, you capture all four and sacrifice them at the altar to open a random portal to one of the four First beasts as the boss arena for the map.

Unlike buy poe currency cheap, a lot of assets could be recycled and/or modified to fit the theme. Best part is that it would even fit with a league that had Bestiary enabled - just say it's someone else's menagerie that was abandoned, rather than your own.

I wish they'd just add in red beasts at 10% chance to spawn in maps to the base game, you can't capture them or anything, but you kill em like normal and they have a chance to drop a unique of their menagerie counterpart. Such as beasts of deep would have a chance to drop the Craiceann's Carapace.

So in the end they'd function somewhat like if invaders had a 10% chance to spawn (a free pack + uniq/hard rare), except they'd also give access to the menagerie uniques.

Some of the aspect skills were cool too.

But I kinda get why its not going core, the league mechanics just are way too big for it to be a core addition, which historically are mechanically relatively simple. If bestiary was a bit more fleshed out (wih solved some of the problems) and mainly streamlined, it might have worked.
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