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How To Fight With Beasts In PoE Bestiary League

el Vie Feb 23, 2018 1:08 am
The Beastcrafting fights is difficult. They can be really challenging once you start to craft the higher outcomes. Fighting multiple rare Beast at once, especially ones with Bestiary mods, can be quite scary. Therefore, collectors of path of exile orbs should view the following guide.

There's a random chance of capturing a Beast with a net, and it's heavily influenced by how much life the monster is on and how strong the monster is. Expect rare or unique bosses to be harder to capture. Better nets help! The net you used is lost, and the monster enrages. You can attempt to capture a single Beast as many times as you want, though it's certainly dangerous to enrage the monsters.

In addition to the hundreds of regular Beasts in Path of Exile that can be captured, there are several tiers of new Beasts you'll encounter as you play in the Bestiary League:

1. Rare beasts with a Bestiary mod. These occur relatively often (every area or so) and are harder than normal rare monsters. You'll want to capture these if you see them, because these Beasts are often needed in crafting recipes.

2. Legendary Beasts, which are exotic variants of other Beasts you may recognise. These occur periodically and are substantially rarer and harder fights. They're worth attempting to capture because most of the powerful Beastcrafting recipes require one or more of them.

3. Spirit Beasts. There are four of these, and they're available in the end-game by Beastcrafting a portal to access them. They drop guaranteed unique poe items and can be captured to craft properties that synergise with those uniques.

While a creature is in a net, it can not die, so if you're worried about killing it too quickly, throw a net first and attack second. Legendary Beasts are signalled on the minimap before you encounter them, and they're quite tough, noticeable fights. They have substantially more life than a regular rare monster, so they're hard to kill by accident.

Can Beasts be traded? Yes. Once captured, they can be transferred into an item that can be traded with other players using existing safe trading methods. If you die or leave the fight, the Beasts you were fighting are lost (they escape). If you want to have another shot at that Beastcrafting recipe, you'll need to find replacement Beasts. Any item you put in the Altar for crafting will still be there, unmodified. Good luck!
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