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How To Make Perandus Coin Scam Ineffective In PoE

el Miér Mar 07, 2018 1:39 am
There are different types of scams in Path of Exile. The Perandus Coin Scam is one of the common Scam. This scam has existed since the coins were introduced. Aware of how they work so that you can avoid be scammed. It works as following:

Many people buy coins when they find Cadiro and he's offering them a good deal. Let's say you find Cadiro and he's offering you a Taste of Hate for a very good deal, you go buy coins and then you go back to your instance and buy item from him. Well since this is why most coins are purchased and everyone knows it, there is a scam that can take place.

When you message the person you want to buy coins from. The scammer already has an accomplice ready. As soon as you join party with the scammer and buy coins from him, he has another person in the party already or invited them during your trade. While you are buying coins from the scammer, the third person in the party enters your hideout and then your map portals, finds your Cadiro and buys the item he's offering themselves.

This scam is much more elaborate than the trade window scam and is much harder to prevent if you didn't know about how it works already. But there are still ways to make this scam completely ineffective:

1. The first way is to open your hideout menu while in your hideout before purchasing the coins, then you can select an option to disallow party members from visiting your hideout.

2. The second way to prevent this is to add the coin seller to your friends list instead of party. Then you visit their hideout and trade them through your friends list and never invite them to a party.

3. The third way is to block your map device with decorations in your hideout to make it so nobody can enter the portals. However this one is risky since movement spells can get through in ways you hadn't thought of.

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you.
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