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The Pros And Cons Between PoE Chieften And Slayer Builds

el Lun Abr 09, 2018 12:40 am
In Path of Exile, what are the pros and cons of these two builds? Chieftain is a very good budget option, if you don't need xoph blood and you can clear red map with 30c-1ex budget. That is the build I am using atm, I can't speak for slayer haven't tried it.

The key to Chieftain is gear flexibility. Chieftain works from the get-go -- all you need is the axe and to do the first Lab. Being able to run the fire version of impresence instead of Xoph's Blood is a huge boon.

Chieftain has so many built-in synergies with Ngamahu that Slayer doesn't get. The 50% conversion saves a ton of points/money in not needing a Xoph's Blood or Avatar of Fire. The extra penetration makes it so with a Blasphemy-Flammability you can skip the Fire Penetration gem for another damage support.

Flammability along with Herald of Ash lights packs on fire, which with the Tawhoa, Forest's Strength node has you constantly generating Endurance charges so you end up being tanky while still having pretty great single-target damage.

You get full fire conversion without Avatar of Fire too which means you can run Atziri's Promise for another big boost - it keys off both your pre-converted physical and post-conversion fire damage. With Slayer that flask is useless since you can't deal chaos damage.

Slayer's got leech and stuff. You can easily use Bisco's Lease for Rampage or Perseverance for permanent Onslaught by slotting Fortify into your Cyclone links. You can do those things with Slayer, of course, but that +100% fire resistance makes it easier to run more uniques as Chieftain.

Running red maps with ngamahu chieftan in full saqawals set, bisoc's leash and darresso's salute. Crazy fast clear speed, bosses are no trouble. Flasks wise oak and lions roar.

4 link works fine and tornado's from the helm can blind, cull, and ignite. Look for -2 boots and -2 gloves, socket boots with less duration gems, grants 25% at tornado's every less than a second. The double damage is nice only drawback is not a lot of life. Convert all evasion to armor.
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