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Old Players May Away If PoE Keeps Going In The Wrong Direction

el Lun Mar 19, 2018 12:57 am
In Path of Exile, one of the core fears that Chris has is that giving players what they want and having them experience all the content is going to make people bored and will dramatically impact player retention.

The reason why people stop playing after 1 week to 1 month into a new league is the inability to do end game. Why they think being able to do shaper/elder would bore people, but farm tier 4 - 10 maps for 3 months its not?

Why Diablo 2 was played for more then 10 years? Everyone could reach Baal, it wasn't gated behind illogical Rng. We don't need shiny 100 mechanics bosses with tentacles and explosions to make the game fun, people used to farm Pindleskin for 13h daily because it was easy to access.

PoE keeps going in the wrong direction pushing old players away. I played over 6 h daily during week, and 12 h + during weekends,and seen 2 tier 11 maps, while I didn't dropped good poe items to sell. Stop balancing your game around noliffers and streamers. We people that work and have a family and support your game, we will slowly go away.

If your new mentality is yo trick new players in every league and have them buy the shiny support titles, then I lost respect in this company.

The end game should be difficult to attain, gated behind a long grind, but should feel like a slow progression towards a goal. Having to do 100s of maps just to move Elder influence in the proper spot, only to find Elder latch onto the wrong map Tier. Back to square one, you just lost hundreds of maps worth of progression.

I quit early in the league for this exact reason. I usually reroll when my character becomes too powerful and maps don't drop for me. Rerolling is only fun for a while until it isn't anymore and that's why I end up quitting the league early now.

Some players said that if you start flipping all day poe currency and buying red beasts then its fine. Except all you become is trader and time wasting not playing maps. What's your opinions?
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