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How About PoE Map That Gets Harder You Finish It?

el Miér Abr 18, 2018 1:23 am
Like a unique map. In Path of Exile, the first run, it starts at lvl 68. You defeat the boss. The next time you open the map it will be 69, than 70 than 71. It should count for each character differently, so you have a measure for the strength of each character.

Monsters get stronger and stronger and stronger. The loot doesnt have to be good. The challenge itself is the loot. It could be a unique map, it shouldnt be really rare. Like make seeling any three unique maps and a portal scroll turn into this unqiue map.

I always was wondering why lvl 100 was max. Why wasnt it like after lvl 100 you earn something like challenge level. each level after 100 ALL your maps will get some more challenging mods like "Monsters deal x% more dmg, attack speed, cast speed".

Just so there was a real ladder until the end of each league.

Some players said that it is basically what they don't want to see. They don't want the map to be rewarding, they don't want the map to be Tier 99. And they think many others, create/use/test a build and want to see how far it can go on "normal maps". They don't want to test it on shaper or elder or uber elder, since they can always change my gear and make it work somehow.

Some players don't want to make it super rewarding. They want to test myself and my build in general without buying specific items or skilling specifically.

And some are at a point where they don't really care for money, they just want to log in and map. They don't want to roll maps specifically so that they can have a steady map pool. They don't want to check each time what rolls are on my map. They just want to alch and go.

With a unique map like this I could reach say, maybe map lvl 87 and am not able to kill the boss. I struggle with the "trash" mobs before but it is challenging.

There are so many possibilities to make this interesting and long time entertaining without "omg max uber loot needed": - Layout is always random - only one portal opens to it - have it have more regions, with regions changeing mods - randomise and hide the mods.
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